21st birthday wishes

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21st Birthday Wishes – Hilarious Message

The best years of life are about to come.
A little beer can help you with that, of course.
Happy Birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes – Short Funny Message

Wishing you to be so drunk that you won’t remember
your own name.

21st Birthday Wishes – Awesome Message

There is no need to be a psychic in order to predict that your 21st Birthday party will be the most awesome party ever.
Happy 21st !

21st Birthday Wishes – Super Cool

Only the best are waiting for you since you can drink and gamble.
Wishing you a very warm welcome to legitimacy!
Happy Birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes – Quote about life

“At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit;
and at forty, the judgement.”
– Benjamin Franklin

21st Birthday Wishes – Short Cute Saying

Don’t count the years,
count the wishes and all the…Cheers!

Happy 21st Birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes – Funny Message

The entire world is on your feet now.
You can legally do whatever you want.
Now you can include alcohol in your parties,
if you haven’t done so already.
Happy 21st Birthday!

21st birthday wishes for daughter

Happy birthday for daughter card, hearts

As your birthdays come and go;
You mean to me more than you can know.
I’m wishing you another year of joy and fun;
Happy birthday my beautiful hon!

Birthday wishes for 21st birthday

happy 21st birthday card, smile cartoon

From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere. Happy 21st Birthday to my best friend. I’ll be with you until the end.

Wishes for 21st birthday

21st birthday cake

You have made it through a 21 percent of your life.
Happy Birthday!

21st birthday wishes funny

rap cartoon

Happy 21st birthday to my brother from an entirely unrelated genetic makeup.
Enjoy your special day, Bro!

Funny 21st birthday for a friend – calculations

Last year you were 20.
One year passed.
So I need to add 1.
And according to my calculation it’s mean you’re 21.
Happy birthday my dear friend.

21st birthday wishes for a friend

21 sign

Happy 21th Birthday! As you turn 21 today, you should be feeling proud of the things that you have been able to achieve rather than the things that you regret. This is my bit of advice on making you a positive person.

Funny 21st Birthday Wishes

I have three greetings for your 21st birthday:
Happy Birthday! You sexy beast!
May you’re birthday treat you proplerly!
And all the best ya three run scu…!

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

Two old guys walk into a bar… ha ha ha
Happy Birthday to one funny guy.