birthday wishes for friends

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Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

Happy Birthday to my best friend from all the way over here on this side of the apartment.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

Happy Birthday you bastard! I’m already planning your
gift. I’m sending you a picture of yourself so you can fall in love all over again.

Best Birthday Wishes For Friends

Happy Birthday! How come the Mayan’s didn’t mention anything about that ? Did you also know that yesterday was other person Bday. Anyway, have a drink and a cigar on me.

Birthday Wishes Messages For Friends

I have just one message for you. Happy Birthday
You guy! Ha Ha Ha!

Birthday Wishes Sms For Friends

I decided to send you the old & good Sms. Please have a terrific birthday, unless of course you’ve made other plans.

Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

Happy Birthday to my best friend! Now you are at that age when you start to pee in your pants and you will have to go to the nurse and have it taken care of. Only you know what this means and if you post any response I will have to kill you !!!

Happy Birthday Wishes For a Friend

Happy Lazy Birthday & happy being born on this earth. I wish you many tracksuits and beanbag naps!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Friends

Wow happy Birthday my brother for life. Miss ya.
Have a great Birthday.