Spiritual Birthday Wishes For a Friend

Being a Sagittarius born on December, your natural openness and assertiveness will translate well into a variety of career paths, although it is your difficult task of narrowing your interests. An honest communicator, you may be perfect for a career in education, business or public relations. Your assertiveness may make you a natural leader and a good fit for management, administration or teaching. The excitement of the entertainment industry may be well-suited for your restlessness. Happy Birthday my dear friend!


Happy Birthday Spiritual Wishes

Being a Sagittarius born on December, your personality is defined by an assertive, honest and restless nature. You value honesty in all aspects of life, which may explain why those closest to you would describe you as blunt or frank. You openness is especially witnessed when there is something you want, as you will express and pursue your interests with great assertiveness. Your assertive nature may also explain for your restlessness. You often have so many varied interests that it is hard for you to remain satisfied in routine. Happy Bday!