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Early birthday wishes – For awesome person

An early birthday message for awesome person:
On your birthday I want to make sure you know
I admire you sincerely and love you dearly
And those feelings continue to grow.
Happy Birthday!

Early birthday wishes

happy early birthday card, snow

I preferred early than never!
Angels are few, and so are you. And that is what makes you so special. Many many Happy Returns of the day. Have an amazing day and an even more amazing year ahead.

Early birthday wishes – Growing old

ballons, happy birthday words

I wanted to put it before it will be too crowded! Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you have not committed. Happy birthday!

Funny early birthday wish – Hero message

super fire hero

Sorry I must congratulate you earlier than usual.
With all due respect I have a world to save.
Happy early birthday to you my friend.