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21st Birthday Wishes – Short Funny Message

Wishing you to be so drunk that you won’t remember
your own name.

20th Birthday Wishes – Funny Greeting

You are not 20. You are just a 10 year old kid
with 10 years of experience.

20th Birthday Wishes – Funny Message

Rest.In.Peace Youth and goodbye!
Wishing you a happy, joyful and prosperous 20th Bday!

20th birthday wishes – Funny cow

Happy 20th card, cow

May you live to 120 and may the last voice you hear will be mine.
Happy 20th birthday buddy!

21st birthday wishes funny

rap cartoon

Happy 21st birthday to my brother from an entirely unrelated genetic makeup.
Enjoy your special day, Bro!

Best belated birthday wishes – funny


Sorry I missed your birthday I didn’t find my shirt! Happy belated birthday!

funny birthday wishes for best friend

gold, smileys

I came to conclusion that I’m a special at least as you are on this day. I’m special because I won a special friend like you. Happy Birthday my friend!

Good belated birthday wishes funny

Sorry I missed your birthday I didn’t find my cat!

Funny 21st birthday for a friend – calculations

Last year you were 20.
One year passed.
So I need to add 1.
And according to my calculation it’s mean you’re 21.
Happy birthday my dear friend.

funny 13th birthday wishes

In this year you gonna be stronger, faster, higher and smarter than me. I jealous. Happy 13th Birthday!

Happy 40th birthday wishes funny

mud monster as a birthday for brother

Every man over forty is a scoundrel. Happy 40TH Birthday!

Sample Birthday Wishes

baby sample birthday wishes

Happy Birthday to you!
May all your dreams come true.
I wish you a very special day.
And nobody will change your way.

Funny happy birthday wishes message

angry ant birthday wish

Hello there! You can stop drive me crazy.
You don’t get the message? I sleep!
So happy birthday and go to sleep!

Funny happy 50th birthday wishes

cow 50th birthday wish

Today they sent me, Rita the cow to wish you a happy 50th birthday.
In any case, if a cow is not for you I can dress up like a cool tiger instead.

Funny Birthday Greetings

funny angry green creature

Greetings…Wishes….And all the Blah Blah on your special day.
And do not bother me again!